Kodak Printer Driver Download and Installation for Windows 10 and Mac OS

About the Kodak Printer

At first, Kodak has produced a range of computer printers that can focus on the photo printing market. It consists of digital camera printing, normal printing, all in one printer, multifunction printers, printing systems, etc. It provides you with professional quality prints, and it is best for printing purposes. All you have to perform is to set up your printer, download the driver, and start with its activities.

Moreover, in this blog, we are about to discuss the Kodak printer driver and installing them on Mac and Windows.

Kodak Printer Driver Download and Installation


Kodak Printer Driver Download
Kodak Printer Driver Download

How to Download the Kodak Printer Driver for my Windows 10 Computer?

Following guidelines can help you to download the Kodak printer for the Windows 10 computer:

  • First, you must open a new web browser and reach the Kodak support site for downloading the Kodak printer driver
  • After that, you must select the country from the list available.
  • Secondly, you must click the Printer options to start with the download process.
  • You can enter the model number of the printer to get the correct driver.
  • Similarly, click the Select a category option.
  • Moreover, from the next page, you must choose the Downloads and Driver option.
  • Thirdly, select Kodak all in one printer home software.
  • Further, you must choose the operating system as Windows from the list.
  • Next, check with the computer settings, and choose the version from the second list.
  • Finally, click the Download button and save the installer on the Windows computer.
  • On the other hand, you must detach the Kodak printer from the computer.
  • And then double click the installer to begin the setup wizard.
  • Carry on with the following guidelines on the screen to install the software and drivers.

How can I Download the Kodak printer driver for Mac computer?

The instructions below can guide you to download Kodak Printer for Mac:

  • Firstly, as the above steps for Windows, access a new web browser and navigate to the support site.
  • To start with, Kodak printer driver download, choose the country from the list.
  • Next, you can input the model number of the Kodak printer to download the driver.
  • After that, choose to select a category option.
  • Secondly, select the Downloads and Driver option.
  • Thirdly, select the operating system as Mac from the list.
  • Verify the system settings and select your version of the operating system.
  • Lastly, hit the Download option and get the installer.
  • On the other hand, double click the installer to start the setup wizard.
  • Proceed with the on-screen prompts to get the software and drivers.

Adding the Kodak printer to my Mac computer

Proceed with the line by line prompts below to add the Kodak printer to the Mac computer:

  • First of all, you must verify the installation process is executed with a good network connection.
  • Make sure to detach any connections made with the printer and the system.
  • Secondly, double click the driver file to start with the installation process.
  • After that, right-click the Install option.
  • Next, click the show content package option and choose the contents for AiOInstaller.
  • Thirdly, to add the Kodak printer driver for Mac, click the System’s Apple icon.
  • Moreover, you must choose the System preferences and then select the Print and scan option.
  • Further, access the print browser and then press the Plus icon.
  • Now, you must wait until the Mac system identifies your Mac printer.
  • Finally, when the Mac system recognizes the printer, make use of the printer to perform the tasks.
  • This can enable you to print from your Kodak printer.
  • Connect the computer and the USB cable to print wireless from the Kodak printer.

Installing the Kodak printer to the Windows 10 computer

Execute the guidelines down to install the Kodak printer on Windows computer:

  • To start with adding the Kodak printer driver for Windows 10, access your system settings.
  • First of all, navigate to select device installation properties.
  • Similarly, choose yes from the device installation settings and tap Save changes option.
  • Secondly, go to the control panel and click the Devices and Printers option.
  • And then, select the Add printer option under that.
  • Next, on the Choose a device screen, choose your Kodak printer and tap Next.
  • Now, opt Windows Update and keep calm for the driver to update.
  • Thirdly, choose Kodak, and select the printer’s name.
  • On the other hand, tap Next and proceed with the on-screen prompts to load the printer.
  • Finally, the Kodak printer will link to the Windows computer and completes adding the Kodak printer to the Windows computer.

Error during the installation process

Here are a few preventions and solutions for the error that rises during the driver download and installation process:

  • At first, you must check for the network connection of both the Kodak printer and the computer.
  • At times this can be the network fault for these kinds of error.
  • Now, try to restart the wireless router and the printer to solve this issue.
  • Moreover, while downloading the driver, check whether you have opted for the correct operating system and version.
  • And choosing the wrong OS Version can raise certain issues.
  • Check for the settings of your computer and then opt for the operating system version.
  • On the other hand, disconnect the Kodak printer from power and reconnect it back after some time.
  • Next, again visit the Kodak support site and download the Kodak driver once again.
  • Check whether the issue is resolved or requires further troubleshooting steps.
  • Further, try installing the Kodak Driver using the CD ROM that came along the printer.
  • And check whether the issue persists.

If you need more details about the Kodak printer driver, or how to proceed with Kodak printer driver download, you can contact our technical expert team install printer drivers for their guidance.

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