The Simple and Easy Troubleshooting Tips – Canon Error 5c20, 5b00, and B203 

What is Canon Error 5c20?

The Canon Error 5c20 can indicate some kind of issue with the printer, like printer, not printing, or printer is idle, etc. This error, at times, will not allow you to perform actions like printing, scanning, copying, faxing, etc. In this blog, we have provided solutions for the Canon Error 5c20. you can resolve this problem by resetting the printer, checking the print head of the printer, ensure that the carriage belt is in position and also try to change the purge drive system unit.

Canon Error 5c20, 5b00, b203
Canon Error 5c20, 5b00, b203

How to Fix Canon Error 5c20?

Proceed with the guidelines below to solve the Canon Error 5c20:

Firstly – reset your Canon printer

  • To perform this, you have to press the Power button on the printer panel and wait for it to power off
  • After that, disconnect the Canon printer from its electrical outlet
  • Now, wait for about 30 seconds, and allow the Cannon printer to cool down
  • Secondly, after 30 seconds, you can relink the Canon printer to the power
  • Connect back the power cable to the Canon printer and the electrical outlet
  • Finally, press the power button to turn on the Canon printer
  • Next check whether the Canon Error 5c20 persists or it has got a solution

Secondly – Verify the position of the Canon Printer print head

  • Disconnect the power cable from the Canon printer and unplug it from the wall outlet
  • Remove the ink cartridges by lifting the grey lever, remove the ink cartridges
  • Now, clean the print head carefully and softly
  • If the Canon Error 5c20 persists, then try to change the Canon printer print head

Thirdly – check whether the carriage belt is in its position

  • Move the carriage of the Canon printer from the left side to the right side
  • The carriage belt will be behind the carriage and ensure that it is in the proper state

Finally – you must try changing the Purge drive system unit

  • As this can be one small reason for the Canon Error 5c20
  • If seriously, the problem is with the Purge drive system then make sure that you replace it with a new one
  • Finally, check whether the Canon Error 5c20is present or solved with these solutions

What is Canon Error 5b00?

The Canon error 5b00 can inform you regarding the error with the waste link counter overflowing. When this problem occurs on the Canon printer, the printer will reboot normally, but when you try to print or scan a document, the Green and Orange LED will start to flash.

How to Fix the Canon Error 5b00?

Following are the step by step guidelines to resolve the Canon error 5b00:

At first – reset the Canon printer to solve the Canon error 5b00

  • When you see this Canon error 5b00power of the printer
  • Long press the Resume button and at the same time hold the Power button
  • And now, you can find the green LED blinking
  • Moreover, keep pressing the Power button and then release the Resume button and press it twice
  • Secondly, release the Power button and reset the Counter Absorber
  • Finally, power on the Canon printer and check whether eth Canon error 5b00 is present on the screen

Secondly – you have to check for the ink levels in the ink cartridges

  • Replace the Canon printer inks if you find them low
  • And try to reboot the Canon printer by unplugging the power cable from the electrical outlet

Thirdly – make sure to clean the foam pad by accessing the lid of the Canon printer

  • Also, check to clean your printer regularly so that you don’t face the Canon error 5b00
  • Clean the ink cartridge area with a linen cloth and ensure that there is no dust
  • Now after performing all the above steps, check for the Canon error 5b00

What is Canon Error B203?

This Canon Error b203 is one common error, and this can indicate you to refill the ink cartridges, and there is no enough ink to start with the printing process. Canon Error b203 will not let your printer to perform a printing command. Or else this can occur due to ink cartridges installed improperly, bad network connection or there is an update required for the printer

Fixes for Canon Error B203

Preceding are the step by step guidelines to solve the Canon Error b203:

Firstly – you must refill the ink cartridges on the Canon printer

  • Also, try to change the ink cartridge once in a while and do not face errors like Canon Error b203
  • This can at most solve the Canon Error b203

Secondly – you have to update the Canon printer driver

  • Press the Windows + R keys together to get the Run command
  • The Run command box will appear on the Windows screen
  • In the text box, input devmgmt.msc and hit the enter button
  • Now, the device manager page will appear on the screen
  • Next, look for the printer driver and right click the Canon printer driver
  • A prompt will appear on the screen and click the Update button
  • The Canon printer will now begin to update
  • Finally, after updating the drivers, make sure to restart the computer
  • Start with the printing process and check whether the Canon Error b203 persists

Thirdly – try to reconnect the Canon printer with a system

  • Now, check for the network settings on your computer and the Canon printer
  • This Canon Error b203 can be solved once after completing all the above solutions


Solve all the Canon Error 5c20, 5b00, b203 using the above guidelines and make sure that your Canon printer is all set to print

If you need further information on Canon Error 5c20, 5b00, b203or get more error shooting guidelines for these, then call our professional support squad @ install printer drivers for their guidance.

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