How To Install And Set Up My Brother MFC-J895dw Printer to Wireless Network?

Brother MFC-J895DW Setup Instructions

The Brother MFC-J895DW is a multifunction inkjet color printer that can print, copy, scan, and fax. And the mobile printing capability can be Apple AirPrint. Its maximum print speed is up to 12 ppm and has an automatic duplexing feature. The compatible operating system can be Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The blog consists of:

  • Brother MFC-J895dw setup
  • How to connect my Brother MFC-J895dw Printer to Wi-Fi?
  • Brother MFC-J895dw printer Fax setup
  • Brother MFC-J895dw printer Scan setup

How To Install And Set Up My Brother MFC-J895dw Printer?

Following guidelines can help you to install and setup the Brother MFC-J895dw printer:

  • At first, you must open the box using a knife or scissors to cut the blue tape on the printer package.
  • After that, you have to take the Brother printer out by folding its flap back.
  • Clear off all the packing materials from the printer and keep the printer on a smooth surface.

What does the Brother printer box consist of?

  • Brother MFC-J895DW printer
  • Power cord
  • Reference manual
  • Setup poster
  • CD for software installation
  • Fax cable
  • Ink cartridges

Secondly, power up the Brother printer.

  • You have to connect the power cord to one end of the printer and the other end to the power supply.
  • Press the power button on the Brother printer control panel to turn on the printer.
  • And then start to load the paper and insert the ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Moreover, you must tear off the tape on the ink cartridge before you begin with the process.
  • Make sure to load them one by one gently into their slots.
  • Wait to hear its locking sound and then exit the ink cartridge door.
  • After that, dust a pile of paper and insert them on the input tray.
  • Adjust it’s with guides and also extend the output tray.
  • Thirdly, you can download the Brother printer driver from the support site.
  • In there, you will be choosing your operating system, version, and install the file.
  • Once after downloading the file, double click it to proceed with the installation process.
  • Enable the system preferences settings on both Mac and Windows system before installing the driver.
  • This completes Brother MFC-J895dw setup 
Brother MFC-j895dw Setup
Brother MFC-j895dw Setup

How To Connect My Brother MFC-J895dw Printer To Wi-Fi?

Proceed with the following prompts to connect the Brother MFC-J895dw printer to WiFi:

You can make use of the WPS feature to start with the Brother MFC-J895dw wireless setup. 

WPS Method

  • At first, you have to press the Settings menu.
  • After that, choose All Settings and Network.
  • Under that, you have to select the Network and WLAN.
  • Moreover, choose the WPS option
  • Secondly, the Enable WLAN? message will appear on the screen, make sure to press Yes.
  • Similarly, the wireless setup wizard starts.
  • Once when the touch screen guides you to begin WPS, press the WPS button on the wireless access point.
  • Press the OK button on your Brother printer.
  • Finally, the printer will connect to the WiFi automatically.
  • And then, you can see the connected, successful message on the screen.
  • And this completes Brother MFC-J895dw wifi setup. 

PIN Method

  • Firstly, you have to press the Settings option and choose All Settings.
  • From that, you have to select Network and WLAN options.
  • Next, select the WPS PIN code.
  • After that, Enable WLAN will appear and press the Yes option.
  • Now, the wireless setup wizard will start.
  • Moreover, the LCD shall show the eight-digit PIN, and the printer shall begin to search for the wireless LAN access point.
  • Make use of a computer to open a web browser and enter the IP address of the printer.
  • Secondly, navigate to the WPS settings page and key in the PIN and proceed with the on-screen guidelines.
  • Similarly, click Start and choose Devices and Printers option.
  • Under that, you must select the Add a device option.
  • Further, you have to choose a printer and tap Next.
  • Input the PIN that is on the printer’s LCD screen and tap Next.
  • On the other hand, choose your Network and tap Next.
  • At last, tap the close option to complete Brother MFC-J895dw wifi setup

Setting up Fax Brother MFC-J895DW

Following guidelines can help you to set up a fax on Brother MFC-J895dw printer:

  • You can start with fax settings by pressing the options button and proceed with Brother MFC-j895dw fax setup
  • And here are its option:
  • Fax resolution
  • Contrast
  • Glass scan size
  • Broadcasting
  • Preview
  • Color setting
  • Delayed fax
  • Batch TX
  • Real-Time TX
  • Overseas mode
  • Call History
  • Address book
  • Set New default
  • Factory reset

How to send a fax manually?

The instructions below can help you to send a fax manually:

  • First of all, you must place the document on the scanner glass.
  • After that, listen to the dial tone and pick the handset of the external telephone.
  • Moreover, you have to dial the fax number using the external telephone.
  • Secondly, once after hearing the fax tones, press back and press Fax Start option
  • In case, if you are using a scanner glass, then press Send.
  • Finally, change the handset of the external phone.

How To Scan Using The Brother MFC-J895DW Printer?

Following guidelines can help you to scan using Brother printer:

  • At first, you have to place the document.
  • After that, press Scan to PC and select To E-mail
  • Now, you can change the settings by pressing options.
  • Moreover, you have to choose your scan settings and press, OK.
  • Scan Type
  • Resolution
  • File Type
  • Document size
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Remove Background color
  • Last, you have to press the Start button.
  • The Brother printer will scan the document and saves it as a file attachment.
  • And this shall complete the Brother MFC-J895dw scan setup. 

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