Install Printer Driver

Install the Printer Drivers for Mac / Windows

Printer Driver is a program which allows your computer to connect with the printer and transmit print requests. Additionally, it also bridges the gap between your computer and the printer. Moreover, it helps the Computer to have a good understanding of the hardware specifications of your printer. Every Printer has a customized driver for its operating system. Installation of incompatible drivers on your printer could only lead to turmoil.

Printer Driver types

A driver could also be available in a printer firmware, apart from being available on your Computer. Printer drivers are classified according to the functions performed.

Device-independent converters

Printer drivers can transform one format to the other. Say, for instance, from the PDF format to PS format. Ghostscript software is a perfect example of this type of drivers.

Device-specific Format

Printer drivers can convert one format to another device-specific format which will be useful for printer hardware to process. These drivers are available in the printer firmware.

Manufacturer-specific formats

  • HP Printer Command Language (PCL).
  • PostScript Adobe.
  • Kodak Ink-Jet printer data stream.
  • Samsung Printer language.
  • Canon Ultra Fast rendering.
Printer Driver

Let’s see how the printer drivers are installed in these familiar Printer brands

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) Printer.
  • Canon Printer.
  • Brother Printer.
  • Kodak Printer.

HP driver installation on Windows

Preparing your Printer

Make sure that your Printer is in ready condition. Take a USB cable with nearly 3m in length. Don’t connect the USB cable to your Computer unless it prompts during the driver installation setup. Search for “Devices & Printers” in your Windows Computer and click it. Remove your Printer by right-clicking on your Printer model and clicking Remove device. Now close the window and move on to driver installation

Installing the Printer driver

  • Navigate to site and enter your Printer model number there. Follow on-screen prompts to download printer driver. HP Easy Start App might download for your printer model.
  • Another Printer driver installation method is by going to site. Go to “Software & Drivers” section there and identify your product as “Printer” to get started. Then enter your Printer model name and number.
  • Also, ensure that the operating system is correct. Not to mention,If the displayed operating system version is not yours, then click Change and pick yours correctly. Click Download to get full software package.
  • Now connect the USB cable to your computer when it prompts, choose USB to continue and complete the process. Then enjoy printing/scanning/faxing on your Printer.
HP Driver Installation on Windows

What happens when you connect the USB cable without installing the Printer driver?

Your Windows Computer might have the ability to detect the printer automatically. And then it will install a “built-in” driver for basic functions. You might see “Installing device driver software” notification

Features of Full driver package

Get full feature/solution driver to avail most supported printer features. Includes guided steps to connect the printer to the local network. Pick a custom installation to choose the specific software for installation. Printer management software is useful for changing print, scan and copy settings

HP Driver Installation on Mac

Adding and Removing the Printer

Check whether your printer displays in the available list on your Apple device. If it doesn’t, add your Printer . Navigate to the Apple menu from your device. Select System Preferences. Choose “Print&Fax” option. If some other Printer is already connected to your Apple device, just click (-) to remove it . Then click (+) to add your Printer . Finally, Select the name of your Printer.

Installing the Driver for Mac

Don’t worry as the Mac automatically downloads and updates the drivers when performing a software update. If you want to download manually, just navigate to the Apple website and download it. You can easily install the Printer Driver by following the on-screen instructions.

HP Driver Installation on Mac

What if you can’t find your Printer displayed?

Use Apple Air print to avail built-in printing solutions. Apple Computers and mobile devices can utilize this Air Print feature. HP Printers are compatible with Apple Air Print to deliver high-quality prints without the need for installing drivers.

Canon Printer

Canon Printers has all the vital attributes for a typical Office. Printer driver is a must for Canon

Navigate through the following steps to complete the Canon printer driver installation

  • Visit Canon website & Select the Support tab. Consequently, a Menu will open where you wanna select “Drivers&Downloads” section.
  • Then you’ll see a list of Canon devices in the next page. Use “Search bar” to find the printer driver by entering your device name.
  • Or else select your Canon printer from the list. Choose “Download” option on the next page.
  • In addition, ensure you have picked the operating system correctly. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation of Canon printer driver.

Well! There is certainly another way to install the Canon printer driver by in-built Windows printer settings.

USB Canon Printer 

  • Open the Settings menu from your Windows Computer. Select “Devices & Printers” from the list. Then choose “Add a Printer”.
  • Choose your Canon Printer from the available list. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Canon driver installation process.
  • Click “The Printer that I want isn’t listed” option if Windows doesn’t recognize your Printer.
  • Then choose “My Printer is a little older. Help me Find it” option on the next page.
  • Windows will now detect the compatible driver for your Canon Printer and install it.

Brother Printer

These Brother Printers are very much common in both work and home. All-in-one Brother Printers are full of innovative solutions that vary depending upon model and features such as wireless connectivity, duplex printing. Brother Printers certainly can meet every personal and business printing demands

Printer driver installation

  • Navigate to “Support” page of Brother site. Then select “Downloads”& Type your Brother Printer model name in the search bar. Select OS family option to choose your operating system type.
  • Then Select OS version to choose a specific operating system. Now pick “Search” option. Choose the name of the file you wanna download.
  • Then select “Agree to the EULA and Download”. Receive additional information about the downloaded file. If your Windows Computer prompted you with a security warning, click the Run option. Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install the file.
Brother Printer Driver

How to connect your Brother Printer to a wireless network?

  • Connecting the brother printer to your wireless network is very pivotal for proper working. To start with Power On your brother printer. Turn your Windows Computer ON.
  • Open the already installed “Printer driver” and choose the “Configure” option. Then choose the “Brother peer-to-peernetwork”. Connect your printer and computer with a USB cable.
  • Change the firewall settings according to the on-screen prompts and make some fine tweaks to the antivirus software. Then choose “Wireless setup” on the next page.
  • The Installed Brother printer driver will now recognize your network and follow the remaining instructions for setup.

Kodak Printers

It is an American technology company known for offering Print systems, Enterprise Inkjet Systems, Micro 3D printing

Kodak Printer driver installation

Navigate to the “Support” page of Kodak site. Choose your Printer model and operating system there. After entering your preferences, click “Search”. Access through the result and click Download option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Kodak printer driver installation process.

Installation instructions – Kodak Printer driver

Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements. Windows XP 64-bit operating system isn’t available.

Make sure you’re using your computer with the Administrator account. The Downloaded file will save on to your Computer.

Now double click the file to initiate the installation process. Then act according to the on-screen instructions.

Kodak Printer Driver


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